Couples and Sex Therapy

My mission is to empower you to attain your most authentic and pleasurable self in your relationships and sexuality. To accomplish this, I practice a results-oriented style of couples and sex therapy using an integrated mind-body approach that combines mindfulness and slow sex techniques with client-centered and cognitive-behavioral techniques. By learning to communicate authentically, connect to your partner with full emotional depth, and create and maintain passion and sexual polarity, you will end up living a deeply embodied life and experience a vibrant sense of self and other.

I work on a wide range of issues including:

• loss of pleasure
• loss of your own or your partner’s desire
• trouble getting or staying aroused
• intimacy issues and unexpressed needs
• perpetual conflicts that keep repeating
• lack of confidence in your sexual skills
• inability or difficulty having an orgasm
• difficulty having or maintaining an erection
• premature ejaculation
• pelvic pain/painful intercourse
• sexual and relationship effects of illness or medications
• sexual addictions
• religious or cultural conflicts regarding relationships and sexuality
• problems arising from sexual, emotional or physical abuse

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