Group Counseling/Support Groups

Group counseling is an effective way to supplement individual therapy, and provides a unique opportunity for small groups of clients to meet and share common concerns, explore personal issues, learn new skills and offer one another support. Groups are facilitated either by me alone or with another co-facilitator, depending on group size and need. Groups generally consist of about 8-12 clients, and meet weekly for 1-1.5 hours.

How to join: If you are not already seeing me for therapy on an individual basis, you can call me to set up a phone or in-person screening prior to joining. This helps to determine whether a group is likely to meet your needs and whether you will fit well with a particular group’s current composition.

Groups are open to new members on an as-needed basis. Please call me at 212-243-0592 to find out about openings.

Group topics include:

• Communicating needs and resolving conflict in relationships
• Enhancing pleasure and desire in everyday life
• Multicultural relationships
• The 6 principles of sexual health
• Dating in the Big Apple

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