Practical Pleasure Sexuality and Relationship Counseling for Couples and Singles

Recent advances in neurobiology and positive psychology show that the feeling of pleasure can be activated, consciously and deliberately, through the use of modalities such as mindfulness, cognitive reframing, and specific breathing practices and body movements. This activation, in turn, has a myriad of beneficial effects, such as reducing anxiety and depression, strengthening the immune system, enhancing creative flow, facilitating trust, communication and connection, and increasing feelings of love for oneself and for others. (Click here to read more about the recent research on the positive effects of pleasure).

Based on these and other ground-breaking recent advances, the Practical Pleasureā„¢ Coaching Model uses a highly effective and synergistic combination of techniques based on attachment theory, cognitive psychology, positive psychology, mindfulness, and breathing and movement practices. These effective and easy to learn techniques will help you master the art of pleasure in your relationships, by learning to communicate with power, connect to your partner with full emotional depth, and create and maintain passion and sexual polarity. Click here for more information.

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