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Image by Angelika Agibalova

Relationship Therapy

If you are looking to get "unstuck" from repeating patterns of conflict, learn healthy ways of communicating, and create a relationship template of shared dreams and desires, relationship therapy (which can also be combined with sex therapy) may be  the right choice for you. This therapy is for people who would like to: 

  • Get a preventative tune-up for their relationship

  • Grow and evolve their relationship to the next level

  • Explore how cultural background may play out in relationship conflicts and learn how to bridge these differences

  • Identify patterns of conflict that repeatedly come up

  • Explore how to get "unstuck" from repeating patterns

  • Communicate needs and feelings

  • Learn healthy communication tools to move through conflict

  • Create a relationship template of shared dreams and desires

Everyone comes with their own personal dynamics and cultural ecosystem, and the way I work with you is specially tailored to address your unique needs.  In addition to individuals and couples, I also work with those who are in non-traditional relationship models, and those in the consensual non-monogamy, polyamory and kink communities.  With this in mind, I use an integrative mind-body approach involving Non-Violent Communication techniques, the Gottman Method, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and techniques based on cognitive psychology, positive psychology, attachment theory, mindfulness, and breathing and movement practices.

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