Video Therapy

Studies have shown online therapy to be as effective as therapy in person.  In addition, online therapy offers some advantages that in person therapy does not, such as zero commute times, flexibility and doing therapy from the comfort of one's home or office.  

Thus, video therapy is ideal for:

  • Professionals who travel frequently and are unable to attend regular in-person sessions

  • Anyone who would like to experience convenient, time-saving and travel-efficient therapy

  • Globally mobile individuals who are looking to have a therapist that they can consistently work with regardless of where in the world they’re living 

  • Anyone who lives in a location where in-person sessions with an English speaking therapist are not available (such as expats and professionals who are location-independent around the world)

  • People who are planning to move to a new culture and who would like help in the preparing for the process to minimize "culture shock"

  • Anyone who has returned from living abroad and is experiencing the challenges associated with the repatriation process (a.k.a ¨reverse culture shock”)

Video therapy is appropriate and effective for many different kinds of therapy, including sex therapy, relationship therapy and multicultural therapy.


Sessions are conducted with secure, encrypted and HIPAA-compliant video software such as Vsee, Zoom, Signal or  


Clients in the United States:  I am available for sessions for New York and Florida residents only. 

Clients in the United States outside New York or Florida: I am unable to offer psychotherapy sessions due to jurisdictional limits. I am, however, able to offer psychoeducational classes/workshops and coaching. For more information, please visit

Clients in other parts of the world: Each country has its own regulations concerning the provision of therapy, but many countries allow licensed foreign professionals to provide therapy to their citizens so I would most likely be able to provide you with therapy services. Please contact me for further information


Clients seeking online psychotherapy in Turkish: please click here.

Florida residents: For more information, please visit:


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