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Dr. Leyla Gulcur, Ph.D.

Multicultural relationship and sex therapist


You might be thinking: is multicultural sex and relationship therapy right for me?

You are a multicultural or multiethnic individual, an expat, or a sexual outsider who gets caught between two or more cultures or communities. Perhaps you are in an intercultural relationship and find it challenging to navigate among different cultural norms and societal expectations around sexuality and relationships. Or perhaps you are in an open, consensually non-monogamous partnership and struggle to negotiate your needs and boundaries within a non-traditional setting.


You are single, partnered -- or anything in between.  Whatever your status, you are probably here because something about your past or current relationships does not feel quite right.   


You may struggle with your sexual identity, feel stuck in a passionless marriage, experience performance anxiety, have trouble feeling pleasure, or are distressed because you and your partner seem to have mismatched sexual desires.


You may be frustrated by the quality of your close relationships. Perhaps you get stuck in repeating arguments that never seem to go anywhere. Or, you have trouble communicating your needs and wants and regularly end up disappointed and resentful.


If so, I am here to provide you with culturally competent sex therapy and relationship counseling. Whether you're single or partnered, dating casually or in a committed relationship, I will help you communicate powerfully and clearly to ask for what you want, build emotional connection, access passion and boost your skills for optimal sex.

Schedule your free consult, and see how you can change your life starting today.

Dr. Leyla Gulcur, Ph.D.

How I work with people

I use a results-oriented approach to help build authentic, pleasurable relationships. Together we will co-create a treatment plan that is tailored to your individual needs. You will practice the skills you learn in between sessions, via weekly homework.


In our sessions together, I will use an integrative, client-centered approach involving techniques from positive psychology, attachment theory, cognitive psychology, mindfulness, and slow sex. I also incorporate breathing and movement practices based on martial arts. These approaches come from my training in the Gottman Method, Emotionally Focused Therapy, non-violent communication, focusing, brainspotting, tantra, taichi, bagua and qigong.

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