Are you as satisfied as you could be with your relationships or sexuality? Do you get caught in the struggle between two or more cultures or communities?

Whether you are single or partnered, an expat, sexual outsider, multiethnic individual, or in an intercultural relationship: if you would like greater fulfillment in your relational or sexual life, Dr. Leyla Gulcur can help you with her unique brand of therapy encompassing a multicultural, mind-body focus.


Dr. Leyla Gulcur, Ph.D.

You might be thinking: is relationship or sex therapy right for me?


You may be single, casually dating, married, separated, divorced, in an exclusive relationship, in multiple relationships -- or anything in between.  Whatever your status, you are probably here because something about your past or current relationships does not feel quite right.   


Perhaps you are frustrated by the quality of your close relationships. Perhaps you get stuck in repeating arguments that never seem to go anywhere. Or, you have trouble communicating your needs and wants and regularly end up disappointed and resentful.


Maybe you struggle with a passionless marriage, experience performance anxiety, have trouble feeling pleasure, or are distressed because you and your partner seem to have mismatched sexual desires.


Maybe you experience cultural differences with your partner or perhaps find it difficult to manage a non-traditional relationship. Maybe you are a multicultural or non-traditional individual, an expat, or a sexual outsider and find it challenging to navigate among different cultural norms and societal expectations around relationships and sex. 


If so, I am here to provide you with culturally competent relationship counseling and sex therapy. Whether you're single or partnered, dating casually or in a committed relationship, I will help you communicate powerfully and clearly to ask for what you want, build emotional connection, access passion and boost your skills for optimal sex.

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A little about me...

I am a licensed psychologist trained in the United States, and I work with a culturally diverse clientele in New York, Florida and around the globe. 

I am multilingual and have lived, worked, and traveled extensively in North America, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia; I have thus successfully assisted clients from different cultures and communities. Many of my clients are multicultural in one form or another and often belong to different communities, whether it is for business, creative projects or to live a global nomadic lifestyle. 

I excel in serving sexual outsiders, LGBTQIA+ individuals and those in the poly, kink or open relationship communities. All genders, sexualities, and relationship styles are welcome.

Because my clients are often quite mobile, I make therapy easily accessible by offering convenient video sessions you can do anywhere from the comfort of your home, office, hotel - and even your car.  



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If you are experiencing loss of desire, have trouble getting or staying aroused, or are dissatisfied with sex in general, sex therapy may be the right choice for you. I will work with you to help overcome sexual challenges, enhance your sexual health and create an optimal sexual life.

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If you desire better emotional connection with your partner but get stuck in perpetual conflicts or have trouble expressing your needs and wants, relationship therapy may be the right choice for you.  I will work with you to help you develop healthy ways of communicating, enhance intimacy, and create a relationship template of shared dreams and desires.

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If you are a bi/multicultural individual, expat, sexual outsider, or in a cross-cultural or non-traditional relationship, you may be struggling with a variety of acculturation challenges. If you would like help navigating and integrating these challenges to reach a fuller, more expanded way of life, multicultural therapy may be the right choice for you.



If you would like to work with your therapist from the convenience of your home or office, if you travel frequently, or if you have limited access to therapists where you live, online video therapy may be the right choice for you.   

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If you would like to meet, share and explore with like minded people who share similar interests, group work may be a useful supplement to your individual therapy.  Current and past groups have been on Mindful Sexuality, Monogamy by Design and Dating in the Big Apple.