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Image by Timothy Dykes

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is ideal for you if you would like to attain your most authentic and pleasurable self in relationships and sexuality. To accomplish this, I practice a results-oriented style of sex therapy using an integrated mind-body approach that combines mindfulness and slow sex techniques with a client-centered approach. 

The sex therapy services that I offer are for you if you would like to:

  • explore areas of sexuality that may be challenging (e.g. difficult orgasms, maintaining erections, genital pain, painful intercourse, loss of desire, trouble getting or staying aroused etc.)

  • learn sexual health skills to achieve optimal sex for yourself and your partner

  • better understand your and your partner's sexual scripts

  • refine your communication skills to become more effective at expressing sexual needs

  • develop mindful sexuality practices based on slow sex, tantra and other meditative practices

  • learn to enhance desire and passion between you and your partner


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