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Setting up a session with me

Leyla Gulcur provides video sessions


If you would like to work with your therapist from the convenience of your home or office, if you travel frequently, or if you have limited access to therapists where you live, online video therapy may be the right choice for you.  


Using a secure online connection, I make therapy easily accessible by offering convenient video sessions you can do anywhere from the comfort of your home, office, hotel - and even your car.  

Sessions are conducted with secure, encrypted and HIPAA-compliant video software such as Google Meet or Zoom.  

Clients in the United States:  I am available for sessions for clients calling in from New York, Florida and Vermont. 

Clients in the United States outside New York,  Florida or Vermont: I am unable to offer psychotherapy sessions due to jurisdictional limits. I am, however, able to offer psychoeducational classes/workshops and coaching. For more information, please visit

Clients in other parts of the world: Each country has its own regulations concerning the provision of therapy, but many countries allow licensed foreign professionals to provide therapy to their residents, so I would most likely be able to provide you with therapy services. Please contact me for further information

Florida residents: For more information, please visit:

Studies have shown online therapy to be as effective as therapy in person.  In addition, online therapy offers some advantages that in person therapy does not, such as zero commute times, flexibility and doing therapy from the comfort of one's home or office.  

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