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Multicultural Therapy

If you are a bicultural or multicultural individual, expat, sexual outsider, or in a cross-cultural or non-traditional relationship, you may be struggling with a variety of acculturation challenges. If you would like help navigating and integrating these challenges to reach a fuller, more expanded way of life, multicultural therapy may be the right choice for you.


Multicultural therapy takes into consideration cultural, national, ethnic and spiritual diversity in addition to sexual preferences, gender identity, sexual orientation, social class, etc. The main goal of multicultural therapy is to acknowledge, highlight and work with you if you face the challenges of being multicultural in one or more of the following ways:

  • You are a bicultural, multicultural or multiethnic or individual

  • You are an expat or immigrant who is adapting to a new host country

  • You are part of an intercultural couple or in an open or other non-traditional relationship arrangement in which each partner brings a different cultural background to the relationship

  • You are a "Third Culture Kid" who is now an adult where you've been exposed to a variety of different cultures while growing up

  • You are experiencing "reverse culture shock" after repatriating from a foreign culture back to your home culture (e.g. international students, employees and families of multinational corporations)

  • You are an LGBTQIA+ individual who feels like a sexual outsider in the community that you belong to

  • You are an individual who is in or would like to explore consensual non-monogamy, polyamory, swinging, kink or BDSM relationships

  • You are undergoing "sexual acculturation" and need support navigating from one set of sexual customs and practices to another

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